Think Well

Think well.... how many of us do that I wonder?


What are your thoughts like during the day ?  Calm, clear, positive and optimistic ?  Or are they  anxious, doubting , critical and negative about yourself and everything around you ?


You aren't alone - there are many out there who struggle with their thoughts every day . Many people look to pharmaceutical drugs from their GP  to alleviate their symptoms.  Sometimes they help,  sometimes they don't.  


What about your diet ? Ever thought that what you eat could be harming more than it helps? When we feel bad , we often reach for something to make us feel better in the short term. 

And so the rollercoaster begins........ You feel low or anxious so you eat/drink something that makes you feel a bit better.  Pretty soon after that though you feel worse and so you reach for more of the same thing that gave you that temporary relief.  Whether its alcohol , sweet things, carb laden snacks, chocolate or something else , deep down you probably know that its not really helping but what else can you do ?


What if changing what and how you eat made a real difference...gave you more energy ,  lifted your mood, reduced anxiety , brought back motivation and concentration,  significantly reduced your 'off days'?

You might be thinking , yeah right , having a salad is not going to transform how I feel inside .  Well no , not on its own it won't.  There is much more to it than that and just changing your diet may not always be  the whole answer either.  However, food is the foundation .  If you don't get that right, poor nutrition will  undermine all the other beneficial therapies and treatments  you may be following. 


What and how you eat  could work for you or against you .  it  could disrupt various systems in the body that impact on your mood and feelings of wellbeing .

Did you know for  example that most of your serotonin (the feel good neurotransmiiter) is made in your gut. if your gut isnt happy , chances are you wont be too. 

Feeling constantly stressed for a long period of time could affect your adrenals and thyroid to the extent that your mood and energy suffer

Blood sugar balance is key to it all .  Fluctuation in blood sugar doesn't just reduce your energy , it can bring down your mood and ramp up your anxiety

B vitamins and Zinc are very important for mind health as is Magnesium and essential fats .  Are you getting enough ?

I can help identify what could be causing your mood . anxiety and energy issues.  I can work with you to help you eat the best foods for the best moods. 

Why not get in touch to find out more.