Can cutting out wheat really improve your mood?

Proteins in wheat , gluten and gliadin , can cause all sorts of problems that affect your mood .

That innocent looking loaf of bread in your kitchen might not be so innocent after all....

Here are 3 reasons to stop eating wheat today

  1. Tears your gut and impact serotonin levels Wheat contains gliadin which has been shown to increase gut permeability. In other words, gliadin tears a hole in your gut lining, compromising your gut function, triggering inflammation and letting food, that has not been broken down enough yet, leak into your bloodstream. Over 80% of serotonin, one of your feel good hormones, is made in the gut, so a damaged gut can damage your mood.

  2. Sends your mood off on a roller coaster Are you someone who just loves and craves bread? Wheat contains gluten which can attach to your opiate receptors, just like heroin, giving us a brief high followed by the inevitable crash.

  3. Causes inflammation and blackens our mood Wheat contains gluten, which if you are sensitive to it, can trigger ongoing inflammation in your body. The research linking inflammation to depression is growing fast .



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