No Time for Breakfast ?

How many people say that - I have no time for breakfast ? . I hear it a lot .

I get that time is short in the morning , especially if you like to plan your exit from bed to the office to maximise bed time and minimise commuting time (doesn't everyone?)

The thing is , breakfast does matter , its not only kids that concentrate better and are calmer when they have had some breakfast , we all are . Also , if we are well fed, we think better and make better choices across the board, in business and personally.

So , here are some quick ideas to get you fuelled up for a successful day

  1. The night before (while making /zapping dinner), boil some eggs, remove shells once they are cool , put them in the fridge,. Next day- eat or take a couple to work if you really really don't have time

  1. Back to those boiled eggs - the night before chop them into slices once cool. Next morning , take a wholewheat tortilla, add egg, bit of ham or cheese , some mayonnaise , wrap it up - eat or put in a bag and take to work

  2. Make rye toast and spread it with hummus and mashed avocado

  3. The night before (while waiting for dinner to be ready/during adverts) (a) add nuts and ground flaxseeds to your shop bought muesli (even better make your own but that's another story) . (b) stew some apples or pears with cinnamon , leave to cool and put in the fridge . In the morning mix up muesli, stewed apple and plain yoghurt and eat or put in a container and take with you to work

  4. Grab an apple, some nuts (e.g. brazils/cashews/walnuts) and chop up some bits of cheddar cheese, put in a bag and take with you if no time to eat at home

  5. The night before combine porridge oats, milk , chopped nuts , 1/2 banana and stewed apple and cinnamon. In a container . Eat cold the next day or warm for a few minutes in a saucepan

  6. Do you buy porridge on the way to/at work ? Take some nuts and a piece of fruit with you to add to the porridge.

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