Feel Well

Food does so much to help us live well but if you don't move , it only gets you so far. Simply put , you will never reach your best if you dont get and keep moving. 


Movement is crucial to help your digestion work properly , push that nutrient rich blood around to where its needed , help your lymph system get rid of what your body doesn't need anymore, keep your bones strong as you age  and so much more.


The use it or lose it principle was never so cleary demonstrated than the difference you can see in someone who moves and someone who doesn't . 

For those of you who are groaning right now reading this,  I know exactly how you feel !  I am not a naturally active person by any means so I know only too well what an effort it can be to move that body.  All those youtube videos and instagram posts of workouts and exercise just make me want to sink further into my couch.


So , how do you get going?  Well for a start you don't need to train for a marathon  or spend hours in the gym .  


Here's my top 5 tips on getting moving  


1. Change your perception

Accept that you need to be moving every day , grieve for your couch potato days and move on


2. Build the habit

Telling yourself that tomorrow/next week /next month you will exercise 5 times a week is a recipe for disaster .    

Start by agreeing with yourself that you will exercise one day a week and do that until it's a habit, then increase to 2 days a week until that is a habit  and so on.  That way,  if you only manage one day you've achieved your target and anything more is a bonus.  It's a slower way to go but has a much better chance of success


3.  Just move!

You don't need formal classes or a sport.   Look for ways to move.  Whatever it is - all movement counts - sitting for hours is the new killer on the block  

  • Crank up the music (maybe on your ipod or phone to avoid issues with the neighbours) and the moves when doing housework  or gardening . 

  • Walk to the shops , chase the dog/kids  around the garden or park (make it your dog or kids though, else you could be in trouble )  i

  • Invest in a rebounder and bounce  for a few secs or a few mins a day , go up and down your stairs 10 times a day .     


4. Sign up for an event

The fear of humiliation at the very least will spur you on to train for it .  


Find an event , sign up right there and then, pay your money and later you can kick yourself. You will loathe it , but you will train.  Even better if a few of you enrol, you can't be the one to bale.   This approach has seen me do the London- Brighton bike ride, London Revolution bike ride, A Breast Cancer fun run and the West Highland Way.  I suffered while training for all of them but I did it  


5.Try different activities

I have never stuck at anything .  I have done karate , horse riding , fencing , cycling , walking , running , gym work , rebounding,  interval training , keep fit DVDs (they last about a month) , yoga  and my current favourite - power plate .   Some things I go back to (like cycling) , others were short term fads (fencing) .  Each was fun for a while (OK except running , that was never fun ) and variety is the key here, we can get bored and demotivated doing the same thing again and again .