Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. 

If you have any other queries or would like additional information , then give me a call or drop me an email.

How many sessions will I need?

That really depends on what your health concern is and what you want to achieve.


I tend to recommend a least 2 sessions. I feel that most benefit is gained from an initial consultation to initiate changes and a sign off session to agree long term actions.

However , I have some clients that come along for one consultation only every 6 months or so - they do not have any specific issues they want to address and are looking for a nutrition check up. A couple have phone consultations with me on an ad hoc basis , when they have saved up their questions.


If you have a more chronic condition, a number of sessions may be required to fully address this.


How much does it cost?

Check out the Prices section on the main menu for more information on costs


Do you do home visits?

Rarely. I charge double for them so the cost is usually prohibitive. The reason for this is that I lose clinic time going to and from a client. Also, distractions and interruptions can occur in a client's home which eats into our consultation.


It is something I'll do in exceptional circumstances but generally I prefer clients to visit me.


Do you do Face Time/ Skype/ Phone consultations?

Yes, preferably  after I have seen a client at least once but I do give initial consultations over the phone or Skype or Face Time . I think its important to have at least one face to face consultation if possible.  I appreciate though that sometimes travelling is just not an option ,  so I'm happy to talk things through using a different approach.


In that situation I forward on the action plan by post or email, as preferred


What if I don’t want to give up something?

We agree the changes you make , else there is no point in suggesting them. If you absolutely will not give up a certain food or habit, then we'll work round that.


 I will explain why I think it'd be beneficial to give something up but you are in charge of your own health so the final decision is always yours.


Will I need to make lots of changes ?

That is a difficult one to answer. Some changes are likely , but we go at your pace , so if you only want to make a few changes , that is what we do .  


The amount of changes needed depend on 3 things:


1. what you are doing now
2. what changes you are able  to make
3. how significantly your diet and lifesyle is contributing to your health concerns


Seeing a nutritional therapist is less about taking supplements instead of drugs, its more about making lasting changes to your relationship and habits with food.


Will I need supplements?

It is possible. Many clients are not comfortable with taking supplements and want to make changes to diet and lifestyle only. I think that approach is fine and I will happily work with clients on that basis.


I do find that in many circumstances, short term supplementation is invaluable. I think of them like a cash injection to an overdrawn bank account . Nutrient supplementation can make a positive difference quickly , giving you the motivation and energy to see through the dietary changes


How confidential is it?

Totally. Anything we discuss is kept between us. In some cases it can be useful to inform your GP about the approach we are taking nutritionally but if that is something you don't want to do , then it won't happen. Any communication of what we discuss to a third party will only be with your explicit, written consent.


Do you see children?

Yes I do. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Under the terms of my insurance and governing body I am not permitted to see a child under 16 alone, even with parental/guardian consent.


What about insurance and a code of ethics?

I am fully insured and happy to email you details of my insurance on request.

As a member of BANT , I am bound by their extensive code of ethics and practice so you can be sure of a professional and confidential consultation.