Eat Well

Eating well , what does that mean exactly ?


For some people,  eating well means eating worthy.  You know the sort of the thing - salads of sad looking lettuce , cucumber and tomatoes  or bland pieces of fish and vegetables that feel like a penance to eat .


For others,  it’s about avoiding certain foods – whether its meat, wheat, fat or sugar or whatever the new food evil is this month .  


There are so many conflicting messages out there about what is good and  bad and what is the right way to eat .


The truth is,  there is no one set of foods that are right , that will make it all better . One size doesn’t fit all, what works for you might send someone else running for the hills in horror at the very thought . 

Eating Outdoors

  I’m here to help cut through all that confusion and misinformation and instead,  give you a way of eating that is enjoyable and healthy and most importantly works for you - your tastes ,  your lifestyle and your Jamie Oliver cooking skills (or lack of !)


If you are confused about where to start , then here are my top 5 tips on eating well that I think pretty much everyone would find helpful.  

Eating Well

    Have 3 meals a day – breakfast lunch and dinner.  Don’t skip them .  You don’t need to have lots of food but have something.  No time in the morning ? See my blog post  - NO TIME FOR BREAKFAST?


    Look at the ingredients - If you don’t know what the word means , don’t buy it. Where do you keep aspartame, sodium benzoate and glucose-fructose syrup in your kitchen cupboards?


    Avoid snacks* unless you are genuinely hungry.  Ask yourself - am I hungry or am I thirsty, bored, tired or upset? If you are hungry try eating  a little more at  your main mealtimes

    * There are times when I may suggest snacking as part of your individual plan. If I do, it will because it’s better for you personally and for specific reasons that I will explain in our consultation.


    This is important to keep your energy levels and mood steady between meals .  Protein helps keep your blood sugar balanced.  If its out of balance , you can feel tired, wired , sad and all sorts of bad.


    By water, I mean water – not tea/coffee /beer/fizzy drinks/commercially flavoured water . Aim for  a litre a day , build up to that if you don't drink a lot right now .   Aim for 1/3rd of a litre and once thats a habit , aim for 1/2 litre and carry on from there