Consultations Explained




The first thing you need to know is that all information you provide is completely confidential. If you want me to inform your GP I will , if you don't , I won't.


I am not allowed to discuss your personal situation with anyone , This is one of the many rules of my governing body BANT , but even if it wasn't,  I consider any discussions we have as totally private. 


If you are under 18 , then I am required to have a parent or guardian present

Before the consultation


When you request a consultation, you will be sent a detailed questionnaire which will ask you about your health concerns, what symptoms you are experiencing and request some information on diet and lifestyle aspects.


Ideally , it is returned prior to the consultation.


If you bring it with you that is fine too, though sending it to me in advance means that I can review your questionnaire without taking up consultation time.


In the meantime , If its returned , I will  review your form , working out what else I need to ask you , checking up on the latest developments in your area of concern and generally preparing all I can in advance so you get the most out of your session


The Consultation Itself


The consultation lasts for approximately 1 hour and is usually divided into 3 sections.


Initially, I’ll ask some additional questions about the information you’ve already provided to get more background.


Next, we’ll talk through what the possible underlying causes are for the health concerns and symptoms you are experiencing.


In the last part, we agree an action plan which contains details of what you can realistically achieve over the next few weeks


I may have some books or illustrations handy to help me explain things and my writing is terrible so I use a laptop to record notes and fill out your personal action plan! 

After the Consultation


You can contact me by phone or email with any questions between consultations.


A follow up consultation is recommended after 3-4 weeks to guage progress and build on the work from the first session

In this follow up, we discuss what has worked well for you and what hasn’t, changes in symptoms, additional concerns and questions. We then agree a revised action plan.

Additional Information


Tests and supplements may be suggested in the initial or follow up sessions depending on what is agreed with you.


Sometimes clients feel they only need to come for one session , others make it a regular occurence. There is no set pattern.


If asked , I tend to recommend a least 2 sessions....I feel that most benefit is gained from an initial consultation to initiate changes and a sign off session to agree long term actions.


My goal is to ensure that you don't become a long term client! I want you to gain the knowledge you need to reach optimum health in your daily life.