Cabbage Juice

Why Drink Cabbage Juice ?

  • It contains probiotics to help your digestive health

  • It also contains L-glutamine which helps protect and heal your gut

  • It is an inexpensive way of getting lots of good nutrients for your gut 


How much?

  • Have around 100ml a day
    (dilute it with water if it’s too strong a taste on its own).

How do I make it?


  1. chopped green cabbage (e.g. chinese, pointed , sweetheart, savoy  etc) 

  2. water



  1. Wash and chop cabbage into shreds 

  2. Put cabbage in a glass or ceramic bowl (not plastic or steel) and fill it with water till it just covers the cabbage (some bits will float; you are aiming for most of the cabbage under water)

3. Cover with a tea towel and leave it somewhere at room temperature for three days. The colder the room, the slower the cabbage ferments.  I put mine in a spare room near the radiator, but not right up against it


4. Strain the cabbage through a sieve so that you are left with just the juice and put the liquid in a sealed jar in the fridge.   (It's really important that it is a sealed jar else your whole fridge will smell !)


5. Cabbage juice will keep for about 5 days this way

6. Drink around 100ml a day (down in one if you can !) 

7. When the first batch starts to get low, repeat steps 1-3 but add 100ml of the cabbage juice you have into the new batch. This speeds the culturing process, and this batch will be ready to drink in only one day.

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