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So, here's a little bit about me.  I’m not a live to eat person but I do enjoy my food and I have no time for any of that 'worthy' healthy food that can kill your appetite and enjoyment of food in a blink of an eye.


My perspective on food

Food can be your enemy or your friend and sometimes it's hard to figure out which is which.  What you eat can help or block your health and while there are certain basic principles that apply to us all , after that , our individuality comes to the fore and all bets are off when you try to force yourself into a one size fits all approach to eating well. 


Given the bewildering range of advice out there (and our desire for a quick fix) , it's no wonder that we are often seduced by the latest newspaper and magazine headlines declaring some foods as superfoods and others as toxic or fall for the latest diet that this time WILL definitely lead to a slim , energised you !

It's also understandable that a lot of people think that it isn't their diet that is the issue.  I used to be like that - I didn't get that there is a  strong connection between what you eat and how you are feel or think.

Why I studied nutrition

It all changed for me when a friend started studying nutrition and I started altering my diet (very gradually) .  It took years to arrive at  way I eat today (and I am still working on it) because I stumbled through without much help .  Even so,   I saw results quickly.  My headaches that had been a weekly occurrence stopped.  As my diet improved, my stress  and anxiety reduced, the frequent colds disappeared along with those general niggles that I had just accepted as part of my lot.


Now thinking well and feeling well is my norm.


So , I went back to school and qualified as  nutritional therapist from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition after 4 years of fascinating study.  


I learnt that fundamentally If you don’t eat well, you don’t think well and you don’t feel well .

No amount of pills (or supplements for that matter) can fully compensate for a diet that doesn't work for you .   Food isn't the whole story of course , no one thing ever is,  but  getting your food right  is the key to unlocking the rest. So now , I want to help you to make the right food choices, so that  you can be at your best .....every day.  

What can I do for you ?

I’m here to fast track you to a better way of eating  that will work for you , target your health concerns and get you back to living well.


I take a holistic approach which basically means I don't just look at your diet , I analyse your health concerns , your symptoms , your lifestyle, your diet , what you can realistically take on and change and figure out with you what to do to move you forward to great mind and body health. 


My advice is focussed on what will work for you.  I don’t want you to think that eating well is  another chore or ultimately unrealistic goal .


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